Sonodore microphones and microphone pre-amplifiers are manufactured by Rens Heijnis
and are renowned among top professional audio engineers, for their unrivalled sound quality.
The impulse response, overall frequency response and ultra low distortion characteristics
of the Sonodore microphones and amplifiers are amongst the best available in the
professional audio market.
The microphones produce a natural, clean and phase coherent sound, with accurate imaging.
The pre-amplifiers are ideally suited to meet the high standards required for High Resolution
recordings. Meanwhile Sonodore products have found their way in productions with a wide
range of musical styles.
In the past years several microphone models have been developed by Sonodore, around the
RCM-402 capsule, to suit many different applications in professional audio recording.
We are determined to develop, improve and extend the Sonodore product range.

The Sonodore philosophy
The Sonodore line was developed in order to make the quality specifications of custom-built
equipment available to a broad group of professional users. All Sonodore products combine
new and original circuit designs with hand-made craftsmanship in which all components are
specially selected and assembled. Durability, mechanical stability, and sound quality are
central requirements of the Sonodore line of products, which must be met by every
component and design.

All our products are the result of intensive interaction between designer and user and are
constantly being refined as a result of feedback from professional recording engineers and
During the design phase, measurements as well as listening tests play an important role.


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Sonodore history

Introduction of the Sonodore products:
1995: RCM-402, PS-402, MPA-502 pre-amplifier
           The creation of the brand and name Sonodore: combination of sound and d'or (gold)
1998: PG78
2003: PG88, RCM-402HP
2005: CCM-65, BLM-21
2007: MPS-502
2008: MPB-502
2011: PSB-402
2012: LDM-54
2014: MPM-81
2015: MPM-91 
2016: AP-25, AP32
2019: EMC, MPM-12
2021: CMA-16