Sonodore Electromagnetic interference suppressor EMC

To get an analog sound with digital recording equipment
We all know the black ferrite cores around computer cables.
They are meant to suppress the electromagnetic noise generated by all sort of
computer equipment.
The ferrite cores have a measurable effect, but when you use a large amount,
it will have an audio effect. The Sonodore EMC has 144 ferrite cores.
ith this amount of cores, a substantial audio effect arises.
Depending of the equipment, generally the high frequencies will be more stable
in the stereo image, 
the low frequencies will be deeper and tighter.
A more natural sound arises.
Overall if you always had the feeling of an digital sound with your recordings, 
with the Sonodore EMC the sound will get analog again.

Normally when using all kind of analog filters, the impulse response will deteriorate
but with using ferrite cores it doesn't.
Probably because the ferrite cores has it effect from 1 MHz into the GHz.
After using the Sonodore EMC you will realise the large amount of electromagnetic
interference noise effecting your recordings.

The Sonodore EMC filter has also a very good effect when it's been used at the monitor side.
So after the DA converter due to absorption of all the high frequency noise.

To say it simple: The Sonodore EMC is a vacuum cleaner for a broad spectrum
of radio-frequency interference.



Technical Specifications
Amount of filters: 2
Connection: with a special cable to the chassis of the equipment.
Cables on request with a XLR, RCA or open wire connection.
Filter effect:: 0,5MHz to >1GHz

Weight: 3,6 kg
Dimensions: 170mm 60mm 140mm (6.7 x 2.4 x 5.5)



Sonodore price list with Mogami cable