Sonodore CMA-16 Compact microphone amplifier for the Schoeps MK series capsules.

The Sonodore CMA-16 is a universal microphone amplifier. Suitable for all the Schoeps MK capsules:
MK4 cardioid,  MK41 super cardiod, MK21 wide cardioid, MK22 open cardioid, MK2 Omni,
MK8 figure-eight and the other special capsules.
It is also suitable for the old series.

The microphone body is made of high-grade stainless steel, with a total weight of 110gr.
As a results, vibrations and resonance from the microphone body are minimised.

Only materials of the highest quality are used to ensure maximum reliability under tough
professional use. This means:

  • use of gold-plated contacts only
  • electronic components are selected for their proven quality in audio specific
    equipment, handpicked,  and individually tested.
  • specially coated circuit boards for optimal protection against damp and moisture
  • use of a special process for the production of printed circuit boards, which ensures
    the purity of the copper pathways, resulting in greater stability and performance of
    the circuit design.
  • The electronic circuit and components are optimized with listening tests.


Power supply
As part of the initial Sonodore philosophy, the microphone is 'active' powered via a
separate power supply (PS-402), instead of using standard phantom power.
Phantom-fed microphones are inherently less suitable for high-quality audio usage since
they work as compressors: when, for instance, high dynamics are required, strong
demands are made on the current supply of the phantom.
As a result, the current supply drops drastically and the stereo image and frequency
response collapse with it. To avoid this, the PS-402 is available in a version with a
separate power supply which allows a high-grade and exceptionally low-distortion
amplifier to be placed directly in the microphone body.
With active powering, the microphone current flows through an separated wire.


Technical Specifications CMA-16
Matching capsules: Schoeps MK4 cardioid,  MK41 super cardiod,
MK21 wide cardioid, MK22 open cardioid, MK2 Omni,
MK8 figure-eight and the other special capsules

Not suitable for the colette function.
Output impedance: 39 Ohms
Cable drive capability: > 100m
Amplifier components: Fet, transistors
Weight: 120g
Length: 115mm (4,5)
Diameter: 21mm (0,83)
Active  60V model
Matching connector (to microphone): 4-pin XLR female
Powering: via separate power supply (60V)
Phantom 48V model
Matching connector (to microphone): 3-pin XLR female
Powering: 48V phantom power, 6mA 


Different CMA-16 models

Active  60V powering.
This is the most common  model.
PS-402, MPB-502 or MPS-502 power supply / pre-amplifier is necessary.

Phantom 48V powering .


Sonodore price list with Mogami cable