Sonodore multi pattern studio microphone MPM-91

The Sonodore MPM-91 is a multi pattern microphone for universal applications.
The aim of the design of this microphone was to design a spot microphone with a natural
and neutral sound with a good impulse response.
The sound of the MPM-91 is very alive, but not too sharp or metallic!
MPM-91 fet is a superb general-purpose microphone for all kinds of single instruments

Therefore, this microphone can be used for many diverse applications in professional
recording studios.

Design Features
At the heart of the microphone is a 1" dual mylar Neumann style capsule.
The polar pattern can be set infinity between omnidirectional,  cardioid, and figure 8
using a potentiometer.

The MPM-91 will be supplied with the low distortion and with listening tests optimized
fet amplifier.

Only materials of the highest quality are used to ensure maximum reliability under tough
professional use. This means:

  • use of gold-plated contacts only
  • electronic components are selected for their proven quality in audio specific
    equipment, handpicked,  and individually tested.
  • specially coated circuit boards for optimal protection against damp and moisture
  • use of a special process for the production of printed circuit boards, which ensures
    the purity of the copper pathways, resulting in greater stability and performance of
    the circuit design.
  • The electronic circuit and components are optimized with listening tests.



Power supply
As part of the initial Sonodore philosophy, the microphone is 'active' powered via a
separate power supply PS-71 or PS-71D, instead of using standard phantom
power. Phantom-fed microphones are inherently less suitable for high-quality audio usage
since they work as compressors: when, for instance, high dynamics are required,
strong demands are made on the current supply of the phantom.
As a result, the current supply drops drastically and the stereo image and frequency
response collapse with it.
To avoid this, the MPM-91 is available in a version with a separate power supply which
allows a high-grade and exceptionally low-distortion amplifier to be placed directly in the
microphone body.
With active powering, the microphone current flows through an separated wire.



The microphone is supplied with:

  • Rycote suspensions USM
  • VAN Damme Tour grade XKE starquad microphone cable, Neutrik gold contact connectors.
  • or the van den Hul Integration Hybrid cable van den Hul.
  • Aluminium case

Typical cardioid on-axis frequency response:


Technical Specifications MPM-91
Acoustical operating principe: 2 pressure gradient transducers  
Directional pattern:
omnidirectional, wide angle cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure 8
and all intermediate values.
Frequency response: 5 Hz to 20kHz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 16mV/Pa
Maximum sound pressure level: 153 dB SPL peak
Equivalent noise level A-weighted: 12dB cardioid, 15dB omnidirectional
Output impedance: 39 Ohms
Cable drive capability: > 100m
Amplifier components: Fets, transistors
Weight: 400g
Length: 162mm (6.38)
Diameter: 52mm (2,05)
Matching connector and powering: see different models 



Different MPM-91 models

Fet, multi pattern with active  60V powering (5pin XLR).
Different power supplies:
PS-71 is a 1 channel power supply
PS-71D is a 2 channel power supply

Fixed cardioid with active 60V powering (4pin XLR).
PS-402, MPS-502 or MPB-502 power supply / pre-amplifier is necessary.



Sonodore price list with Mogami cable