Sonodore Pre-amplifier MPS-502 for: RCM-402, CCM-65, BLM-21

2 Channel Microphone Pre-Amplifier / combined 60V Power Supply.
This unit combines the MPA-502, 2 channel Microphone Pre-Amp, with the
PS-402 Power Supply.
There are 2 advantages, namely only one box for power and amplification, and
secondly, the unit is dedicated to the Sonodore microphones, so we could leave
out the standardized DC-de-coupling capacitor necessary for most 3rd party
pre-amplifiers. This capacitor normally is integrated in the PS-402.
The result is a substantial better impulse response and even lower distortion.
The MPS-502 get’s the ultimate out of the Sonodore microphones in our
experience and vision!

Technical Specifications
Frequency response: 1.6 Hz to 580 kHz (-3dB) 20Hz to 20KHz (-0.1dB)
THD+N: 0.0001% at 0dB gain 0.001% at 53dB gain (at +14dBu, 20Hz to 20KHz) 
Equivalent input noise: 0.4uV at 53dB gain, 2uV at 0dB gain (A-weight)

CMRR: >90dB at 1KHz
Slew Rate: 20V/uS
Crosstalk: >100dB at 0-10KHz
Maximum output level: 10V ,+22dBu
Maximum output current: 50mA
Output impedance: 75 Ohms
Input impedance: 5KOhm unbalanced, 10KOhm balanced
DC offset : < ±2mV
Cable drive capability: > 100m
Gain: 0 to 53 dB (0 dB, 15 dB, 30 dB +0 to 23dB in 1dB steps)
Input: 4-pin XLR female connector (balanced, transformerless)
Output: 3-pin XLR male connector (balanced, ground compensated)
Power requirements: 105-120V and 210-240V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power consumption max: 6W
Weight: 1.7 kg
Dimensions: 170mm × 60mm × 210mm (6.7” x 2.4” x 7.5”)




Sonodore price list with Mogami cable