Your personal portable high quality recording set  with Sonodore microphones and pre-amplifier.

When you are a musician and want to record yourself or you are a recording engineer,
with a Sonodore MPB-502 and Sonodore microphones you have a high quality recording set.
The MPB-502 with modern LI-ION batteries has a recording time of 45 hours, build in charger
and a weight of 3,9 kg. The gain is set by switches.
It's built with the latest developments in improved sound quality and the battery power has a very
positive influence on the sound.

Matching microphones:
You can choose for the general purpose Sonodore

Or the same microphone in compact form CCM-65

Or the low noise microphone LDM-54

All these microphones can be fed direct from the pre-amplifier, without phantom power.
With the Sonodore combination pre-amplifier and microphones, you are able to produce
recordings which has a very high level .
The output of the MPB-502 pre-amplifier can be connected to every AD converter.

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