Sonodore Compact Microphone CCM-65

In these days of integration of audio and video, we responded to the need
of small, relatively invisible, yet ultra high quality microphones.
We have managed to produce a microphone with the same audio
specifications as it's bigger brother, the renowned RCM-402, but in a
housing of barely 7cm and 1,2cm thick and a very flexible cable.

The technical specifications, except the housing and connector,
are the same as the RCM-402.

The CCM-65 in combination with the stand of the BLM-21 produces a
complete BLM-21 set.



Technical Specifications
Capsule type : prepolarised condenser microphone capsule  
Principle of operation: pressure  
Directional pattern: omnidirectional
Frequency response: 5 Hz to 20kHz 
Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 40mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level: A-weighted typically 15.5 dB
Temperature coefficient: +0.005 dB/ēC
Output impedance: 39 Ohms
Cable drive capability: > 100m
Weight: 28g (without cable)
Length: 67mm (2,63”)
Capsule diameter: 12.8mm (0.5”)
Microphone diameter: 12.8mm (0.5”)
Active  60V model
Maximum sound pressure level: 143 dB SPL peak
Amplifier THD at 130dB SPL: 0,0004% at 1kHz, 0,0013% at 10kHz
Connection: fixed cable (diameter 4mm) with 4-pin XLR male
Powering: via separate power supply (60V)
Phantom 48V model
Maximum sound pressure level: 136 dB SPL peak
Amplifier THD at 124dB SPL: 0,0004% at 1kHz, 0,0013% at 10kHz
Connection: fixed cable (diameter 4mm) with mini 3-pin XLR male
                      and adapter mini 3-pin XLR to 3-pin XLR male
Powering: 48V phantom power, 6mA 



Different CCM-65 models

Active  60V powering in black.
PS-402, MPB-502 or MPS-502 power supply / pre-amplifier is necessary.

Phantom 48V powering in black.
If you want to stay with the phantom standard.


Sonodore CCM-65 audio samples

The sound of CCM-65 is identical to the Sonodore RCM-402
so for audio samples see:



Power Supply
PS-402                                                   Power Supply battery powered PSB-402


MPS-502                                                  Pre-amplifier battery powered MPB-502


PG78-88                                                   Accessories AP25-32


Microphone cables



Sonodore price list with Mogami cable