Rens Heijnis                                      custom-built audio equipment




A few examples of  mixing tables

Portable mini mixer in black: mains powered, 4 channel with direct out, overload led, stereo MIX out,
headphone amplifier, talk back, 48V, channel 1 and 2 suitable for Sonodore LDM-54,
Dimensions: 25cm 6,5cm 25cm (9.8 x 2.6 x 9.8)
Picture back


Portable mini mixer: LI-ION battery power, 4 channel with balance and low cut filter, stereo MIX out,
headphone, monitor unit, build in talk back speaker, input 4 60V microphones.
Dimensions: 25cm 6,5cm 20cm (9.8 x 2.6 x 7.8)

Remote control of the portable mini mixer: talk back, monitor.


6 channel pre-amplifier: direct out, direct in, mixbus, panning is set by switches,
gain fine (-3,-2,-1,-0,+1,+2) is remote controlled, MS matrix


Analog surround mixer with 6 microphone and 4 line inputs. Separated stereo and surround panning.
The stereo has a switched panning. The surround has 3 panning potentiometers. See:  
In 19" case, but can be delivered in a horizontal mixer model.
Very interesting for those who do not want to mix digital
Front drawing:  
front      Back drawing:  back    For specifications see:  5.1mixer



12 channel  standard stereo mixer, as small and light as possible.
This mixer is specially designed to make a mixer with a high sound quality for an affordable price
Can be extended with  a Fostex Talk back speaker and  light signaling
Front drawing:  
front      Back drawing:  back    For technical specifications see:  12chmixer and Talk Back


14 channel custom-made mixer with an extra 8 channel sub-mixer


 10 channel custom-made mixer.


16 channel custom-made mixer.


10 channel custom-made mixer


10 channel custom-made mixer



26 channel mixer: mic/line, 24 position switch gain, insert, 2 aux, fader on/off, L-R 1-2 3-4, peak, afl, P&G fader