Rens Heijnis                                      custom-built audio equipment



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         Retrofitting DPA B&K microphones                Retrofitting Schoeps microphones


                                                Microphone Pre-amplifiers



                                                     Monitor amplifiers


                                                      Various equipment

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Design philosophy

All devices and modifications are achieved through intensive consultation with the customer.
The desires need to be balanced against what is technically feasible.
As a result a device arises entirely from the wishes of the customer, produced with the  latest technical insights.

Only materials of the highest quality are used to ensure maximum reliability under tough professional use:

  • use of gold-plated contacts only
  • electronic components are selected for their proven quality in audio specific equipment, handpicked, and individually tested
  • oxygen-free copper cables between the microphone and the power supply
  • specially coated circuit boards for optimal protection against moisture
  • use of a special process for the production of printed circuit boards, which ensures the purity of the copper pathways, resulting
    in greater stability and performance of the circuit design.
  • electronic components are selected for their stability and reliability

The housing is constructed to ensure that it can withstand many years of use.
(usually that means a solid metal casing).


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